Name A Flower was incorporated in 2006 as we prepared to enter the public eye. We have been working on the opportunity to serve you for a number of years.

Robert, our founder, has a degree in horticulture and operated a flower shop and one and a half acres of greenhouses for almost 20 years. After selling the business he just couldn't get the dirt from under his nails.

Fifteen years after selling the business, he began growing gladiolus again with a couple of dozen corms. He raised them in his back yard that first year. The second year he moved to his brother's yard as he had an acre lot. That only lasted a year and he leased a two- acre field across town. Two years later he added another fourteen acres down the road.

During those years an idea formed in his mind as he spent hours in the field. He remembered what his sister Marie had told him years ago. "If you ever develop new roses, I would love to have a rose named after me". Well Marie, it isn't a rose but it is still a beautiful flower for a beautiful sister.

Robert realized that if his special sister would like a flower named after her that just maybe other people would like to also. The idea had been put in motion.

What would make his "Name A" project different from others? The customers could actually see THEIR namesake, hold bulbs in their hands and plant and share their gift with others. If taken care of, their specially named flower would last in the yards of family and friends for generations.

Name A Flower started small. Being a 4 to 5 year process to produce new varieties of gladiolus, we can't just order a few more from the factory. We can't just pick out a few more from the sky. We must spend hours planting, weeding, hybridizing, digging, cleaning, storing and taking photos of our product.

We think our idea is so unique that we have patented the business process so we will be around to serve you and your loved ones for years to come. We look forward to a wonderful relationship with our friends. Yes, customers are friends. Gardeners are very friendly people.

Watch in the future for our expanded web site. We will be adding an interactive page down the road so you can chat with other "friends", trade growing tips and even exchange bulbs.

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