Color Red
Accent Color Cream
Size Large
Edge Type Ruffle
Texture Medium
Placement Formal
Temporary Name M-23
Description This is a nice rosy red. It has cream on the lower lip that goes down into the throat. It rest of the lip is the light rosy red. The hood is all the light rosy red. The lower petals have white lines running down the mid-line. There is knuckling in the throat. It blooms measure 4inches and are held on a 26inch stem in a formal arrangement. There are22 blooms that have a medium texture and have nice ruffling. It is an early bloomer.

At this time, the weather is currently too cold to safely ship gladiolus bulbs.  As a result, this package will be shipped with everything except the bulbs.  The bulbs will follow in a separate complimentary shipment just prior to the next Planting Season.

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