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Price: $249.97

  • One 8 X 10 color framed photo of the new, previously unnamed variety of gladiolus that you have personally selected including your personal dedication to the recipient you have chosen.
  • 10 bulbs* of the NEW variety you have carefully chosen.
  • Certificate of Authenticity - That your flower has NEVER been previously named or introduced.
  • One webbed bag for storing your gladiolus when dug in the fall for good airy storage.
  • One "History of Our New Hybrids", a short history of how your beautiful new flower variety came about.
  • Planting and care instructions for successful care of your new flower variety that you might receive years of joy seeing your new flower bloom.
  • All of the above contents are shipped in our beautifully hand crafted wooden box.
  • The name of the flower you have selected will be included in the current edition of the Name A Flower Multinational Gladiolus Registry which will be available online at at the end of the current season.
  • Free access to the support for growing gladiolus through e-mail and/or online.

* Packages ordered after planting season will be shipped with everything except the bulbs. The bulbs will follow just prior to the next planting season.


  • Additional color photos of the new gladiolus with dedication : $25.00
  • Additional mesh bags for storage of the bulbs : $2.00
  • Gift Certificates for the above package or ala carte items : (Specify amount)
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